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Sie sind hier: Startseite Motivation & Ziele Humanitarian Congress Berlin 2020: Moving to the Cloud(s)

Humanitarian Congress Berlin 2020: Moving to the Cloud(s)

Art des Termins
    Wann 26.10.2020 14:00 bis
    30.10.2020 19:00
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    Humanitarian Congress of berlin mit den Themen:

    26. Okt.

    • Exposing power and privilage in times of crisis
    • How social inequality shapes the global response to crisis
    • Decolonizing humanitarian action

    27. Okt.

    • An outbreak of misinformation: Endangering people's lives
    • Emerging doners and philantrocapitalism
    • Big pharma & profiteering from a pandemic

    28. Okt.

    • A shadow pandemic: Covid19 & gender-based-violence
    • Racism & white privilege
    • A cascade of crises: Yemen

    29. Okt.

    • Addressing the climate & health crisis: A perfect storm for Brazil's indigenous communities
    • Prepping for 1-4 degrees scenario
    • Urban complexities in a changing climate

    30. Okt.

    • Impossible decisions: Triaging in a pandemic
    • Building mutual trust
    • Amplifying voices and the way foreward

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